What makes him so renowned in the medical sector?

Roberto Casula is in the medical industry for over ten year now. He has high degrees in this field. His degrees include MD, FETCS and FRCS. His experience can be trusted upon as he treats complicated cases with ease on daily basis. There is a huge line of patients who wait patiently to get checked up by the famous doctor. He treats thousands every day and save the lives of many with his knowledge, skills and experience. With every special case his experience and tackling power improves and this in turn brings him more reorganization in the medical industry. He was as good a student as he is a successful cardiothoracic surgery consultant in present day.roberto casula

Achievements of Roberto Casula

Roberto Casula has operated huge number of patients in the past years. His surgeries were mostly related to cardio. He made his first attempt in cardio which was an open heart surgery in 1990. After that he never looked back and achieved great success in his career. He gradually became an expert in this field. He introduced robotics and machine dependent or machine controlled surgeries in the medical world of Imperial College. One of the most astonishing facts about him is that he is the only cardiac surgeon to implement robotics in cardiac surgery in United Kingdom.  His achievements in his prolong career speaks about the skills of Mr. Robert Casula. roberto casula He says that robotic in cardio treatment not only provides enhanced and satisfactory results but also the patients experiences less side effects. The treatment includes certain benefits like leaves behind a small scar, very less pain or even no pain in many cases. He is a perfectionist in these types of surgeries and uses his huge knowledge to cure people and gain their confidence.