The Way to a Successful Corporate Career in the Footsteps of Roberto Casula Eni  

It is all about becoming more productive at the workplace. This is the mantra that drives people like Roberto casula eni to strive forward. There is no particular formula to follow that would lead to the path of success. There are regular days in the offices as well as days of emergencies. People need to be prepared for handling all kinds of situations. The agenda for the day according to Roberto is determined by the kind of work that comes forward. The morning shows the say, as the saying goes. Emails that are received on course of a day, dictate the way in which people would be performing their duties.

Achieving the goals

People need to be actually aware of their goals before they start with their work for a day. There are different kinds of goals that are required to be fulfilled by executives of a company. There is short term, middle term as well as long term goals that are to be fulfilled by a company.

Bringing new ideas to the floor

Roberto Casula

The costs incurred in different processes within a company, is something that needs to be monitored carefully on a daily basis. Progress that employees make, according to Roberto, determines the direction in which a company is progressing. Costs increase in proportion to the time expended in different business activities.

Trends in businesses

Different technological trends that are coming up in any business are quite exciting in nature.  The technological advances only increase the production of a company by a large degree. They also help companies to address pressing issues.

The relationships that develop between individual workers of a company needs to be top notch in nature. This creates a healthy working environment according to Roberto casula. The healthy environment in turn helps to boost productivity.