The Legacy Continues by Yael Eckstein

The founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein had passed away a few years back and now the baton has been passed to his youngest daughter Yael Eckstein. She is the new age leader while his father considered himself as an old school, she can reach out to a younger generation whose frequent presence can be noticed on social media too.Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein was born in Illinois, USA, but has lived in both Israel as well as the US. She has studied in Torat Chesed Seminary in Israel, Queens College in New York, and Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

She has degrees in biblical studies and Jewish and sociology studies. She understands both the cultures equally and is the best person to lead in the absence of her father. Her global acceptance can be seen, when she was named as “One of Israel’s 100 most influential women”.

She regularly writes blogs and articles for the some Israel based newspapers. She has written two books Holy Land Reflections In 2012, and Spiritual Cooking with Yael in 2014. She also serves as the spokesperson of her organization and has delivered lectures in various international events including one in Washington, DC.Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein’s father used to work in some firm and build this organization from scratch when no one had thought of converting evangelical Christian money into a donated dollar for the Jewish, he made it possible and that too when taking money from Christians was considered as a taboo among Jews.

This was mainly because there was a belief that Christians were doing this to convert Jews into Christianity. As considered by many within the organization Yael is the best person to fill in the big shoes of his father, it will take some time but she will get to the level of his father.