The Ins And Outs about the President of IFCJ Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein is the current president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews or otherwise known as the IFCJ.  Her company is primarily based out of Jerusalem and works tirelessly for betterment of the masses. As head of the Fellowship she acts as the international spokesperson of the organisation which is valued at roughly $120 million. She also ensures to oversee various ministry programs and their functioning.Yael Eckstein

Miss Yael even holds multiple positions of head to her name. Few of her delegations are the Director of Ministry Outreach and Program Development and Global Vice Executive President. Now, even with dealing with non-ending workload of her positions she is also an extremely influential social service professional. Although, that is not the end as Miss Yael Eckstein is a very popular and published writer as well.

She was born and brought up in Chicago, America and is quite well educated in both Israeli and American institutions. One of her most noted academic majors is biblical studies from Torat Chesed Seminary located in Israel. She also majors in Sociology and Jewish studies from the University Of Queens, New York and some other additional study from Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Moreover, she also worked as a professor of Jewish and Hebrew studies in America.Yael Eckstein

IFCJ was founded in 1983 by none other than Mr Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein who is also the late father of Miss Yael Eckstein. The organisation was built around the foundation of building bridges among Jews and Christians to foster healthy relationships between the two.  So, Miss Yael has ensured to carry on this long lasting objective and her father’s legacy. She was voted in as president-elect of the group in April, 2008 and finally succeeded as the president in February, 2019 after her father passed away.