The Design of the Ou Class Ring Represents Everything the Institute Stood For Over the Years

The inception of the place:

A very few educational institutions stood the test of time and had their held high in all the ups and downs, and one such university is the Oklahoma university placed in Norman. Towards the end of 1980, the territory legislature along with the financial support of Governor George Washington Steele, the university was set up in Norman. The campus was situated on a 40 acres land, and a sum of ten thousand US dollars got raised by the town by selling bonds and other collaterals. The university not only laid a mark in the education system of the region but it also had the potential of massive economic of oklahoma class ring

The campus and the inspiration for the design of ou ring:

Towards the end of 1981, the university opened its gate for the students. Like any reputed university, there is an identification mark which helps alumni of this institution to stand apart in the crowd. The identification mark in question is the university of oklahoma class ring which is unique in its design and stood for everything the institution stood for over the years. The design of the ou ring is approved by the group of alumni and faculty members of the institution who valued being part of the university.

The material used to make ou class ring is gold which symbolizes the quality of education imparted by the university to its students. As most of the buildings in the campus got inspired by Cherokee Gothic architecture, the architectural style gets reflected on the ring as well using arches on each side of the of oklahoma class ring

The ceremony at the Homecoming week:

The ceremony which involves giving out these rings are quite elaborate, and the authority leaves no stones unturned to honor the alumni and the students who have ordered the ring. The ceremony generally takes every year on the homecoming week. The students get acknowledged in the presence of the president of the university, and alumni association of the institution.