Scenario of Indian Dishes in International Restaurants

Why Indian food is so popular in United States and many other western countries. Indian restaurants serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in these countries, but former are more popular.

Secret of Indian dishes

You know why Indian dishes are so popular abroad because a secret formula of Indian tradition makes these dishes so delicious. The first secret is blend of Indian spices that adds special aroma to these foods. Second, Indian cuisine vegan restaurantshas a different method of frying food ingredients. Most Indian dishes are deep fried that add special taste to dishes. Most Indian dishes take plenty of time to prepare which gradually adds taste and aroma to these dishes. The homemade and restaurant style of Indian recipes have some difference, but both have a special flavor. Indian food is little bit spicy, tangy, prominently colored, and aromatic which makes it very special and loved. You can try them on Indian vegetarian restaurants.

In what aspects Indian foods lack

No doubt, Indian foods served on international restaurants are awesome, but sometimes become unpopular. Their association with stomach upsets and acidity is very close due to spicy nature. vegan restaurantsUnfortunately, deteriorating quality is also one reason for unpopularity of these foods. Vegan restaurants sense that people are interested in Indian foods, but they reduce quality once their customers become accustomed to these foods. They do it to make more money in their business, but this is unethical. The inferiority tarnish image of Indian cuisine and also creates unpopularity.

Indian foods on international restaurants

Many western countries have seen ethnic food trend from the food served by Indian restaurants in western parts of the globe such as US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, and more countries, but trend reversed on some places due to practices of professional businesses. Family-based Indian restaurants performed better than professional restaurant businesses. Indian food culture is unmatched and its glory can be maintained globally by restaurants serving Indian vegetarian dishes.