Seems to Have Gained from Bing Ads

It must be said that as a new entrant in the travel industry, has played quite smartly till date, a reason why it has been able to maintain its pole position for long. There is no denying the fact that its two dynamic co-founders, Yatin Patel, and Mahesh Chaddah, have done everything concerned for the organization. However, the fact also remains that the firm has carried out its media initiatives and marketing efforts in the right direction so that it has been able to get the traction that was needed by it. It has channeled the correct strategies that were needed to catapult it at the top.

Reservations.comThe travel website has also been very effective and price-conscious in all its efforts and with regards to their Bing Ads initiative, the company minces no words for the same as mentioned here.

  • Bing Ads has been a lucky charm – Yatin Patel seems to be quite a proponent of Bing Ads due to its price as he says that apart from the help that the platform has provided to his portal, the price has also been a decisive factor. The cost for a set of keywords from Bing Ads has been 10 to 15% cheaper compared to Google AdWords so that it has helped the website immensely in the marketing efforts. It can be a major factor for the kind of success that the portal is receiving now. Reservations.comAnyway, it cannot be forgotten here that the website is also quite involved in its Search Engine Marketing campaign and that has also worked in its favor.
  • The association has been quite productive – Undeniably, it can be mentioned here that the mutual partnership has been quite helpful for both the companies. It only goes on to show and stresses the fact further that if a digital market campaign is carried out with some knowledge and purpose, it can achieve its desired objective. Proper planning also plays a big role in these types of campaigns.

Bings Ads also seems to be quite effective for marketing processes and apart from the travel portal, the digital marketing technique has also shot to fame after this success story.