In Loss or In Despair, IFCJ Has Been a Support for All

Rabbi Eckstein was a person with strong determination and he was the backbone of the whole concept of the formation of the IFCJ. An American by origin, yet he was an Israeli by heart and thought for them like no one did. It IFCJ ratingwas because of him that the IFCJ has reached the zenith of success and the flag of prosperity has been held strong through decades.

The organization has since decades helped to build and upgrade thousands of bomb shelters and has also given surveillance drones to communities along the Gaza border to improve security. The Fellowship now raises $ 140 million per year mostly from small donations from Christians. The IFCJ rating has since then risen higher and above. It has broken all obstacles that might have come its way.

Rabbi being the whole and soul of the organization!

Rabbi was a man with a purpose. The organization that was formed by him had reached its success in a few days. IFCJ rating The IFCJ review has always helped people to keep a track of the organizations. The rating of the organization has always reached high peaks. Rabbi’s idea to bring the Christians as well as the Jews together was praiseworthy. He has always done his best to serve the country and its people. It is good to see that the organization has ultimately come to all its purpose and has always been the very best.

What are the burning questions now?

After his death in Jerusalem very recently, at 67, the IFCJ ratings went for a toss. There were questions like Is IFCJ a good charity? Well the answers are unknown as there has been a huge setback in the journey of the organization since its inception.