IFCJ Stands as Helping Hands for the Deprived People

Yechiel Eckstein an Israeli-American by descent founded the organization IFCJ (International Fellowship for Christians and Jews). The foundation aims at keeping peace relationships between the two great communities of Christians and Jews.IFCJ ratings

The founder has worked as a president also is the founder of this organization which helps the people of Israel. It helps the orphans, homeless people. The people who have met their ultimate days, IFCJ helps them. It extends monetary help to the Jews and Christians who need money and organizational support. The sole aim of this body was to bridge the gulf that had been and is the root cause of hatred among the communities. Is IFCJ a good charity?

If this question is hovering in your mind, then the answer must be poking in your brain. The body is presently serving to the countries such as Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, and India etc.

IFCJ reviews should comply with everything in all respect as the charity meets all the standards. It has annual meetings organized three times a year. At least 11 people meet to discuss certain issues which govern their works. IFCJ spends at least 65 percent of its total expenses on program activities. It spends much of its money in this part and 35 percent on issues concerning the raising of funds.

Do these activities only bring charities?

The activities not alone bring the charity of the new donators. It requires transparency in the organization in providing the money they collect to just causes.IFCJ ratings

IFCJ ratings are not because they donate to honest and benevolent causes but also for the reviews they get all over the world. They have a great founder who is loved and honored by people all over the world. These factors contribute to the huge donations that they get.

IFCJ rating is fifty percentages for its financial statements and total confidence for their trust and loyalty they show in helping.