Idea of a Powerful and Potential Africa

Roberto Casula is a mining engineer who was born in Cagliari in the year 1962. He joined the renowned organization Eni in the year 1988. Roberto Casula has spent a lot of time of his career in various parts of Africa. Therefore, he believes that the continent has a lot of valuable contributions towards the successful of Eni.

Roberto CasulaThe access to power and energy that the Africans have

According to various surveys, the average energy that is consumed by the inhabitants of Africa is far less than the other parts of the world. Africans occupy a good 16% of the total population of the whole world but use only as less as 5% of the energy available there. Almost two-thirds of the total population of the Sub-Saharan region has got no access to any proper source of energy.

Combustion of biomass in an enclosed area which has got not much supply of oxygen can be a huge threat to human lives. According to the various researches conducted by the World Health Organization, more than 4 million people die every year due to the improper use of these biofuels. So Roberto Casula says that effective use of these fuels isRoberto Casula very important.

How is the development of a region dependent on access to energy?

If energy can be used properly then a place can surely develop. Proper use of energy can bring clean water, good healthcare, lighting, cooking, transportation, sanitation, and good communication. In the 21st century, all the above are necessary for a developing country.

Roberto Casula believes that with access to energy Africa can surely reach a good position in the 21st century. But the major part of the natural resources is shipped outside. African’s have to rely on the tropical rainforest for fuel and therefore the rate of depletion is high. This is a big threat to the environment.