How You Can Enjoy Sonic Survey

Sonic is a cool name, though some people may not be aware of this name but it is very popular in America. Of course, it is innovative and sounds simple and cool to most people. The launch of Sonic was made in 1953 because this was the first and before this, Sonic was nowhere. It was opened as the first drive-in restaurant in the United States which was a major breakthrough in the world of fast foods. Sonic was “Top Hat” initially, though there was nothing special to give this name. In seven years, the name was changed to Sonic.

Sonic – a breakthrough in fast foods service


Sonic has successively grown since the time of its inception to become tremendously successful chain of restaurants which remains extremely demanding by its customers. This chain of restaurants is serving over three million hungry customers every day without dissatisfaction. Let’s consider this concept. Why it is breakthrough? You just can’t order while sitting on the driving wheel of your car comfortably. This was the scenario before 1953 when Sonic was not launched. The Sonic’s slogan “Service At The Speed Of Sound” is due to its curbside speaker technology. This was the reason why “Top Hat” became “Sonic” because the latter is referred for sound.

Sonic survey advantage

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