His Contribution towards the Energy Industry

As a little boy, with a technical influence in his upbringing, Roberto Casula was determined to become an engineer and work in the oil and gas industry. It was his fascination towards the complexity in solving issues pertaining to energy related situations that gave him the zeal to achieve his dream and goal.

He sets the example for all aspiring engineers. He started out as a mere reservoir engineer but ended up being the Chief Development Officer for the Operations and Technology Department at Eni, where he had started out his career, right after completing his engineering degree.roberto casula eni

Other contribution

He not only contributed to Eni’s growth and development of their business, but also served the oil and gas industry across Italy. He was appointed the Chairman of Assomineraria, the Italian Petroleum and Mining Industry Association for a term of 2 years.

Success story

Reaching the level of Chief Development Officer and becoming famous for who he is, re reasons enough to call him successful. That’s why he is known by his name Roberto Casula Eni. But that came with age and experience. He experienced his first success at an early age.roberto casula eni

He believes that he was always provided with the right opportunity at the right point of time. But being provided with an opportunity, and making use of that are two different stories. He was smart enough to grab every opportunity that came his way, and acted on it.

It was one such opportunity that gave him a clear vision that he did not want to remain a mere engineer, but wanted to grow and handle teams of his own. At an early stage in his career, he was given the opportunity of negotiating a complex international business to replace the appointed person to carry out the work. The success of this project was a successful affair not only for the company, but also changed the life of Roberto Casula completely. There was no stopping him, thereafter.