Christians, Jews, and Humans: IFCJ is here to Serve Everyone

 IFCJ is a well-known charity of Israel which means International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. IFCJ had been developed to help the people of Israel were poor. Now, most of the people know what the role of IFCJ is but they do not know how they work. Do not worry if you have the same question you will get the answer. So stick to this article till the end.

How IFCJ operates?

IFCJ reviews have a significant role in the lives of Israeli people who are affected by the war. This charity is working hard to help them find shelter and stand on their feet. They provide proper food and clothing to those people.

How do they raise funds?

They have been successful in raising funds. They have reached a lot of people over the world by advertisement and described the case which has helped them to accumulate gigantic funds and help the people. IFCJ has taken the help of TV, radio, and internet to reach people.

Some stats about IFCJ

According to 2016 reports, IFCJ rating has successfully served over 2 million people with hot meals who were affected by the war. Over 1 Million people were aided and were given medicine, food, and clothing.  The organization states they have helped with clothing to over 1.5 lakhs of affected people and have received more than 10000 calls in their helpline number.

The fellowship also states that they have helped Israeli people with job training and necessities that have helped them to regain the pace of life.

IFCJ ratings have been operating quite a long till now and have provided educational  support to the Israeli people.

Hope this article was enough to let you know about I Is IFCJ a good charity.