Traditional SHSU Class Ring & Its Customization

Every educational institution has its own customs and traditions that are followed by the people associated with the institution. The students taking admission in universities are supposed to follow their university’s tradition. Every university always try to please and honor their students, and expects it student to be a successful individual in the world.

About class ring

The value of an honor is not in its price, but in what it symbolizes. The class ring is an honor that a student of Sam Houston State University receives from the university when he or she is going to be a graduate. The ring is a hallmark of student’s achievements in the graduating years. It is an appreciation, motivation, and encouragement to face the future ahead.

Worth of a class ring

Sam Houston State University class ring is not simply a tradition but a mega celebration which is much awaited by every graduating student. It may be once in a lifetime celebration for many students that has its cherished value. The SHSU class ring is not just a simple ring, but a combination of engraved symbols, emblems and text that have some meaning associated with them. SHSU class ringThe markings and engraving on the class ring have moral value for its receiver and wearer. The ring is not given to every student taking admission in the university, but earned by the student when he or she is graduating. The ring serves as a student’s identity and an evidence that someone has graduated from the Sam Houston State University.

Customizing your class ring

The ring tradition of SHSU has now entered into a different scenario of enhanced rings, SHSU ring wraps, that are modified traditional rings using ring enhancer. Custom ring wraps have replaced traditional university-made rings. You can ship your traditional ring and get it customized from professional jeweler who will customize your ring with precious metal and stone ring wrap, and you will get back your modified class ring.