ETA: An Easy & Quick Solution to Travel to Australia on a Short Trip

It is hardly possible to land in any country without a permission document from that country’s government, whether you travel by air or sea route. Though citizens of few countries migrate to a neighboring country via land route by crossing the border without a permission document, sometimes due to an agreement between two neighboring countries, but sometimes as illegal immigrants.

Australia ETAHow is immigration possible

Immigration is a crucial issue because illegal immigration, which means immigration without an agreement or immigration permission document, is a violation and is thus, illegal. An immigrant may be held by migrating country’s border protection force for violation of immigration laws of that country. There is hardly a possibility of crossing any country’s border by air or sea route, and every country has its immigration laws and special immigration document requirement to be fulfilled by the intended immigrant.

ETA: Travel document which is not a visa

Visa is a common type of immigration document used by most countries, but few countries such as Australia and United States allow citizens of specific countries without visa document. Australia ETAThis document, called Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), is not a visa and is issued on certain specific grounds to travelers and business visitors only. Australia ETA is one such document issued by the Australian Government to tourists and business travelers for short term visit not exceeding 90 days.

ETA is an easy and quick travel solution

Australia ETA is a quick solution for a tourist or business trip, if someone doesn’t want to visit Australia on frequent trips. This travel document is also issued in quite less time compared to a visa and without a hassle of going through long and cumbersome procedure of visa application. This facility was introduced in 1996, and before that a traveler was required to get Australia visa to land into that country, regardless of short or long stay, but Australia ETA is the easy solution in the present.