Intentions of IFCJ organization


            Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein is the well known personality for the Jewish community and he is considered as the one who served a lot to his community. People in Israel are sad with the sudden demise of Eckstein on February 6 2019. He suddenly got attacked with cardiac arrest at the age of 67. He worked and contributed for the welfare and the safety of the Jewish community. The Jewish community enjoying the citizenship and many other benefits is only because of Yechiel Eckstein.

Purpose of organization         


            He started with the organization named IFCJ in 1983 and he did not have any salary or medicinal benefit from it at that point of time. The main intention of the organization was to make the Christians and Jews work together for the welfare of society and for their safety and security. Another main purpose was to help the needy Israeli people and serve the elderly people with food and medicine. Another purpose of organization was helping the poor soldiers of Israeli military. On the death of Rabbi Eckstein, people gave him tribute and expressed the wonderful times when they worked with him.

            Shmuley Boteach tweeted for Eckstein that he did incalculable good work and also remembered that they had a talk just two days before his death. Pastor John Hagee also paid tribute to Eckstein for his work of bringing the Jews and Christians together. Making the Christians and Jews work together helped a lot in building the bridge between the two communities. Eckstein held two citizenships of United States and Israel. His good works are world spread and this gave him the world recognition. The Israeli are enjoying the citizenship benefit and the military is also enjoying the benefits because of the great man Yechiel Eckstein. The IFCJ reviews show that they helped the immigrants Israel to settle down, understand the country rules, understand the market, etc.

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Passes Away At the Age of 67, Announces IFCJ

On 7th February, Thursday, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has announced that their founder, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein had breathed his last on Wednesday, one day before. The cause of his death has not yet been declared by the source. Eminent personalities from all sectors, including the Prime Minister, has shown great grief over his sudden demise and expressed sympathy for his family members.

Who was Rabbi Eckstein?

A famous Zionist and an ardent social worker, the name of Rabbi Eckstein is strongly associated with the name of the IFCJ, one of the largest nonprofit philanthropic organizations in Israel up to now. Born to a religious family (his father was also a Rabbi) in Winthrop, Eckstein felt the need of uplifting the Jews and he understood that the evangelists could be the greatest help in this cause.

Yechiel Eckstein

After being ordained at Yeshiva University in New York, he became a member of the Anti-Defamation League in Chicago during the latter half of the 1970s and started encouraging a stronger relationship between the Christians and the Jews. The establishment of the Fellowship in 1983 was a consequence of this effort.

Having more than a few offices in Jerusalem, Chicago, Toronto, and Seoul, the organization now successfully raises funds of worth $140 million per year and, according to one of the IFCJ reviews, it has raised almost $1.6 billion so far since its beginning.

Criticisms faced

Despite his intentions being humanitarian, Yechiel Eckstein did not always get support. Quite a lot of people (including some rabbis and Israelis) believe it is unethical to receive grants from the evangelists because of the fact that they are Christians. They also think that such kind of helping may well be considered as a trick to convert the Jews to Christianity.

However, the late Rabbi did not pay heed to such negative comments and continued listening to his own heart.

Educational and work history of Roberto Casula

Dr. Roberto Casula is the senior most consultant cardiothoracic surgeons who work with Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust in London, United Kingdom. He has been in this position for over 18 years and is the most experienced consultant in the UK. Moreover, he is also the only surgeon who is using robotics in carrying out cardiac surgeries in the UK. He has completed his graduation from the Padova University Medical School in the year 1989. This university is in Italy. Roberto Casula has been trained as a Cardiac surgeon in the UK after his graduation in Thoracic surgery and thoracic organ transplantation. He is also registered with the GMC and is a fellow member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.Roberto Casula

Over 15 years, he has been working as a visiting surgeon and has carried out traditional, minimal access and robotic cardiac operations in different parts of Europe and he worked with reputed cardiac centers that are located in Milan, Bari, Florence, Bologna, Udine, Athens, Middle East and West Indies. He has carried over 5000 major cardiac operations since 1998 and has performed a series of cardiac surgical procedures from re-operations, complicated multiple valve producers, atrial fibrillation surgery and coronary revascularization.

Roberto Casula is the top surgeon in carrying out robotic enhanced and minimal access cardiac surgery in the United Kingdom since 2001. This person has taken the initiative of starting robotic cardiac surgical clinical program for Imperial College that is in St. Mary’s hospital along with minimal access cardiac surgical program that is at Hammersmith hospital since 2010. In this program, he will be imparting the knowledge of various concepts of cardiac surgery to the students like tricuspid surgery, mitral and atrial fibrillation surgery.  There are many benefits that are offered by this robotic surgery, i.e. less pain and no scars after the operation. Moreover, patients would recover quickly by adopting this kind to procedure to treat patients.

The Way to a Successful Corporate Career in the Footsteps of Roberto Casula Eni  

It is all about becoming more productive at the workplace. This is the mantra that drives people like Roberto casula eni to strive forward. There is no particular formula to follow that would lead to the path of success. There are regular days in the offices as well as days of emergencies. People need to be prepared for handling all kinds of situations. The agenda for the day according to Roberto is determined by the kind of work that comes forward. The morning shows the say, as the saying goes. Emails that are received on course of a day, dictate the way in which people would be performing their duties.

Achieving the goals

People need to be actually aware of their goals before they start with their work for a day. There are different kinds of goals that are required to be fulfilled by executives of a company. There is short term, middle term as well as long term goals that are to be fulfilled by a company.

Bringing new ideas to the floor

Roberto Casula

The costs incurred in different processes within a company, is something that needs to be monitored carefully on a daily basis. Progress that employees make, according to Roberto, determines the direction in which a company is progressing. Costs increase in proportion to the time expended in different business activities.

Trends in businesses

Different technological trends that are coming up in any business are quite exciting in nature.  The technological advances only increase the production of a company by a large degree. They also help companies to address pressing issues.

The relationships that develop between individual workers of a company needs to be top notch in nature. This creates a healthy working environment according to Roberto casula. The healthy environment in turn helps to boost productivity.

Vegan Foods Are Protein Deficient, but Enriched in Vitamins & Minerals

Few years back, vegan was an unheard term. The name indicates that it is about vegetarian foods. The term ‘vegan’ is referred for people who belong to a special group that hates animal foods and animal products. The people of this group don’t like to eat meats, fish and even eggs which are not included in the category of meats. This is apparently an advanced definition of vegetarian. This definition has more focus on original source of the food, whether animal or plant. Some vegan people are rigid about even personal care products, clothing, and more articles the fundamental source of which is some animal or living creature.

Animal food is protein-enriched, but people are vegan

vegetarian restaurants

It is clearly understood that anything comes from an animal or tested on animals is a forbidden for vegans and they hate these products as well. Vegan restaurants are more crowded these days compared to traditional restaurants. People visit these restaurants for fast foods, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and special festival foods that are purely of vegan nature. Though meats are enriched in proteins, yet people have more inclination towards salads and vegetables. Animal proteins are considered superior to plant proteins, but this doesn’t make difference for people who have love for vegan foods. Anyone living on vegan foods is recommended to use B-complex or vitamin B12 as a supplement to recover from the deficit due to eschewing of animal-based diet, but people are ready to accept the challenge.

Vegan foods are enriched in vitamins and minerals

The dominance of vegan over vegetarian restaurants is an evidence of people’s love for vegan diet. People used to visit restaurants for enjoyment and having different taste of foods. They order vegan dishes because their perspective is good health, apart from enjoyment and taste they get by eating restaurant’s dishes. They understand that they can’t get enough protein in this way, but plenty of natural vitamins and minerals are available in vegan foods.

Natural Methods or Diet Pills: Which Would You Prefer for Weight Loss?

When it comes to weight loss. We generally make comparison between natural methods and man-made weight loss programs. The basic difference between the two is same as what we eat form natural resources and what has been processed by the food industry. There is little bit of confusion about good or bad foods. In the same way, we differentiate between natural ways of activity such as physical activity and yoga, and gym workouts. The natural foods and activity are always better compared to what has been prepared by the human.

Prescription vs non-prescription diet pills

Most people are influenced by diet supplements these days. There are different types of diet pills in the market, but their safety aspect is very important. Some weight loss pills are available on doctor’s celebrity diet pillsprescription and these may be considered safe because you may swallow them on your doctor’s advice who is familiar with your condition. Belviq and Qsymia are two common diet pills in this category. Some diet pills, say celebrity diet pills, are available in the market without doctor’s prescription but you may not be sure about their safety. These are usually meant to suppress appetite so that an individual doesn’t feel hunger even his or her stomach is empty. They are rather diet supplements than medications. They interfere with body metabolism.

Weight loss medications are not absolutely safe

We understand that diet pills in prescription category are safer compared to diet pills in non-prescription category, but they are not absolutely safe. Prescription diet pills are also associated with side-effects that include dry mouth, stomachache and diarrhea. These are not serious side-effects, but still impact the body system.


Considering the above facts, it is not advisable to swallow diet pills either as a medication or as a supplement. The natural methods have been recommended for long time and these methods hold good in the present. It’s up to you to decide.

How You Can Enjoy Sonic Survey

Sonic is a cool name, though some people may not be aware of this name but it is very popular in America. Of course, it is innovative and sounds simple and cool to most people. The launch of Sonic was made in 1953 because this was the first and before this, Sonic was nowhere. It was opened as the first drive-in restaurant in the United States which was a major breakthrough in the world of fast foods. Sonic was “Top Hat” initially, though there was nothing special to give this name. In seven years, the name was changed to Sonic.

Sonic – a breakthrough in fast foods service


Sonic has successively grown since the time of its inception to become tremendously successful chain of restaurants which remains extremely demanding by its customers. This chain of restaurants is serving over three million hungry customers every day without dissatisfaction. Let’s consider this concept. Why it is breakthrough? You just can’t order while sitting on the driving wheel of your car comfortably. This was the scenario before 1953 when Sonic was not launched. The Sonic’s slogan “Service At The Speed Of Sound” is due to its curbside speaker technology. This was the reason why “Top Hat” became “Sonic” because the latter is referred for sound.

Sonic survey advantage

Talktosonic survey is favorite of many people because fills their thirst. They answer few questions and obtain a free sonic coupon to exchange for an iced tea or soda without paying a single penny. This is simple because you need to visit www talktosonic com. The website of Sonic to read details and participate in the survey. You have to participate in the survey within 14 days of your visit to tell about Sonic experience, and you’ll receive a code which will allow you to enjoy a free fountain drink or iced tea, when you’ll visit next time.

Strenthen Your Business Projects

Every business industry requires a strong base to excel in the respective market. Titanium tube is one of the most wanted unit of a major industrial segment, that manufactures various products for catering to different factories or mills. The strength of the product is being judged, by the quality used in the production of the same. Since its measurement, in terms of thickness and surface makes a huge difference for the selling market. It is always advisable to pick the products, that are being tested and certified by the standards of industry. In order to make sure, that the desired results are being achieved continuously.

There is a great range of products, that need titanium tube in their functioning. As it is one of the leading units that serves a lot of mills and production operations.

So that, the smooth functioning can be achieved with the perfect results expected from the production. Some of the companies are providing the world class products all across the world, to make things easier and worthwhile, by offering unbeatable prices and the laboratory tested quality which is being trusted by a group of famous businesses in the industry. The best part is to aim at complete fulfillment, nothing less.

As a lot of machinery equipments and plants in industries are running on the trusted titanium tube. The manufacturing company needs to take complete care and all the required steps to ensure the 100% durability and the safety of the product. They always make sure, that the products doesn’t get delivered prior to the needed tests and certifications. Since their only aim is to provide the satisfaction and work efficiency to each of the business segment and the end user. So that, there stands no flaws in the functioning of the working patterns.