Can Gum Guggul Supplement Acne Treatments?

In India, there is a traditional medicine for acne called gum guggul. This is a plant that is native to the South Asian continent and it has hundreds of years of traditional use. People in all sorts of circumstances have been using this compound to treat cases of acne ranging from moderate to very severe breakouts.

Now, as you can probably already tell, when doing research on traditional medicine, people would not stick to a particular solution for hundreds of years if that solution does not work.

Let’s just get that out of the way.

I mean, it doesn’t matter what kind of herbal or traditional treatment you’re looking at, people are just not going to waste their time on a traditional remedy if, for whatever reason, it doesn’t work. Somehow, some way, it must work for enough people for people to keep using it.

There is such a thing as collective wisdom or conventional knowledge. Sure, these concepts do have their fair share of limitations but they would not persist for hundreds of years if they at least don’t get it right enough times.

You should use the same analysis when it comes to gum guggul. Some people would say that it doesn’t work. Others would say that it works well. Unfortunately, in terms of hard sciences, there are very few studies that have actually focused on gum guggul.

Still, there is one study out of the University of Michigan that flat out states that this traditional Indian anti-acne remedy was actually as effective as modern antibiotic-based acne treatment systems involving tetracycline. If you are suffering from cystic acne, gum guggul apparently is a good solution because the effect that you get is at the same level as if you had taken systemic oral tetracycline doses.

Why does gum guggul help acne treatments? Well, a lot of this has to do with the antibacterial property of gum guggul. It cuts down on the amount of acne on the skin’s surface as well as reducing the skin’s ability to produce oil. If you put all these factors, and the fact that it is an herbal treatment that’s been used for hundreds of years, you have quite an attractive Accutane alternative.